Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a day......

So, I really didn't get much done today. I added this new item to my etsy page. I think its really cute, (I hope viewers on my etsy will think so too and make a purchase). Different shape, good color combo. I have some more fabrics in mind for this pouch and I will be putting those up soon. Still working on this blogging thing. I like checking out other peoples blogs. I see some really good ones everyday. This computer thing is so time consuming!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OMG!!! I Did It

So, I finally set up a blog. I was debating for a while on whether I should do this or not. I didn't know what I would write about, and I was worried about who would read it. But then I said, you know what, just go ahead and do it. When I don't feel like talking to anyone immediately around me, I can just post. Aahh, cheap, easy therapy.

Just to introduce myself, my name is Desreen, and I am twenty eight years old. I have a wonderful, funny, beautiful daughter who's four. I love all things fashion and makeup. My blog will be about me, my journeys as a craftnista, my two etsy shops, and anything else I want to talk about.

I'll be back later; talk amongst yourselves.